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Dolphins - Benefits


1.     Aside from the obvious advantage that our members have FUN, many of the skills learned will stand the Dolphins in good stead throughout their life. 

2.     Dolphins learn respect for themselves, their peers and their elders.

3.     There are many opportunities to take part in activities that would not normally be available to them, such as sailing, kayaking, caving, ship visits etc.

4.     They are given frequent opportunities to take charge of groups of their peers and are taught basic leadership skills.

5.     No bullying, disrespect or bad behaviour is accepted – ever.

6.     Everyone is treated equally and courteously.

7.     Promotion to permanent leadership positions is available to those who show they deserve it.

8.     All courses, activities, visits etc are free, with rare exceptions.

9.     Dolphins develop pride in themselves and their team mates.

10.     Most develop quite a strong sense of self discipline, arriving on time, in uniform, smartly turned out and enthusiastic about getting stuck in to their training. The drill helps to foster this.




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