The Dolphins Curriculum

The Dolphins curriculum is, as much as possible, marine based with a range of life skills, personal development and leadership options included. On an average Tuesday evening a Dolphin can expect to spend ten minutes doing military style drill at our colours and sunset ceremonies, 30 minutes learning a new skill and 60 minutes (longer during the summer months) playing games or involved in teamwork challenges. Our curriculum is based on the skills of seamanship, navigation, communications, emergency & safety, naval ceremonial, rope skills and boatwork.  Water safety, safe boating practices and sea survival are key elements of this training.

Approximately once per term we visit a community organization, emergency service etc, or have them call on us.

During Summer months we can frequently be seen out on the water kayaking, and swimming.

A  annual camp is held each year in one of the weekends in summer and some holiday activities are organized during the shorter breaks. There are also combined activities with the Sea Cadets occasionally.

In the last few seasons Tamatoa Dolphins have

o     Learned basic sea survival skills and practiced getting in and out of an kayak.

o     Completed several annual camps at Brookfield

o     Frequently been swimming and kayaking

o     Played in the sand

o     Studied New Zealand’s maritime history and heritage.

o     Visited Dive Squad along with the Wellington Harbour Police and Petone Fire station.

o     Been visited by Wellington Free Ambulance and a number of seafarer including ship captains and a retired Admiral.

o     Learned a wide range of knots and rope skills

o     Played many team and group games

o     Studied water safety, boating safety and fire safety.

o     Travelled to Picton and enjoyed comprehensive ship tours of the Aratere en route.

o     Learned The use of radio telephones

o     Became competent at basic military style drill.

o     Learned basic compass and navigation skills

o     Learned to read a maritime chart

o     Studied the 24 hour clock, phonetic alphabet and the nautical watch keeping system